3 thoughts on “AE Quick Tips #5: Perspective Offset”

  1. hey Aaron!
    this is abhay sharma from India.
    I created a tutorial on fractal noise few days ago
    how to create a quick animated background element in after effects. But when I saw your tutorial which is very nice I found it very much the same as my one. Oviously you are the first.
    I tried to email you. shold I have to give credit for that.
    anyway I would like to invite you to my website and chek out th fracctal squares tutorial.

  2. It’s always nice to mention other tutorials that might help people, and that already cover some of the same topic, but when you’ve done as many as I have, people are going to start overlapping with you. No worries.

  3. HI Aharon Rabinowitz,

    Your tutorials are fantastic! Even though this particular one was one of the shortest and easiest tutorials I have seen on this site and at VideoCopilot, it has given me the answer to something that I have wanted to know for 2 months but couldn’t find the answer for after extensive searching. If you want Animoto videos, you will notice that it uses certain transitions a lot.

    I couldn’t figure out how to do some of them in Sony Vegas without a lot of Keyframing but now using this tutorial and After Effects, I can now do the one I want to use. The one that I like is the one where one separated (Y,Z space) picture wipes the screen in a X,Z rotation and then comes together center screen. Thanks again Aharon Rabinowitz for your amazing work.

    – Jose

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