4 thoughts on “Creating 3D Extruded Text”

  1. Hi,
    I found your tutorials a couple of weeks back and you have already helped me tremendously. This one right here helped me a lot since right now I don’t have the plug-ins and other softwares to be able to do 3D text and I have played a bit around this.
    I particularly like the multiple layers way of simulating 3D and found a way to make it look smoother and wanted to share, especially since it’s quite an easy tip which you probably have already figured out, but well, I was so happy when I did. All I did was to add a Layer Stile to the nested composition with the final 3D text. A Bevel and Emboss. I found that you can get away with rotating more freely without showing that you are using multiple layers and you can even get away with not using the stroke around the font depending on the color you use but then you can’t rotate as much.
    I hope that helped or if you already knew you didn’t laugh at my naivety too much.
    Thanks for the great tips.

  2. I am very interested in the tutorial on “Creating 3D Extruded Text” on your site and I want to try it. Can I create 3D extruded text by using Adobe Photoshop because I only have the software on my computer? Thank you…

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