Creating an Automated Odometer: Part 3

In this video tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz finishes up the odometer project by giving it a 3D look. Also, for those who skipped part 2 or that just don’t want to write expressions, this tutorial also comes with some effects presets that will let you automate your odometer within seconds.

5 thoughts on “Creating an Automated Odometer: Part 3”

  1. Aharon: I love this set of tutorials. I have been working to create my own with little luck. My question is how would I alter the code to convert this to a countdown clock with millisec, sec, min and possibly hours. Thanks

  2. I did this tutorial using AE CS4 for mac. Everything came out looking exactly normal, except the Force Motion Blur didn’t work and when I play it out in the RAM preview – the numbers don’t move. They just stay at 0000.

    Um, help?


  3. You need to go into the pre-comp that contains the actual number columns and animate the slider value in the controller layer. (just like in the tutorial).

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