Perspective Corner Pin Effect

In this Tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you a complete workflow for using Imagineer Systems Mocha with Adobe After Effects to create a perspective corner pin effect – an effect typically used for sign replacement or compositing video on a computer or television screen. Even if youre not using After Effects as your compositing application, you will still find the lesson extremely useful, as it focuses almost entirely on the use of Mochas powerful 2.5D planar tracking system. After Effects users not using Mocha will also find some of the compositing tips at the end very helpful as well.

16 thoughts on “Perspective Corner Pin Effect”

  1. the Button “Lauch Player” isn’t there.
    Well it is but button is small scale but text is normal
    and they are not clickable.

    This is the only tutorial that is like that

  2. I have struggled to get to grips with Mocha for Final Cut but the clarity of this tutorial has helped me enormously! Thanks, Aharon.

  3. said
    on December 1, 2009

    hi, when we do 4 point tracking in mocha and put some keys, (whenever tracker loses its point)..after that we make roto shape and parent that shape to previous tracked layer…but that wont work properly…roto shape goes out of tracking …….why?
    i mean while tracking in prospective

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