Red Giant TV Ep 02: Binary Transition – Part 2

In this Episode, Aharon shows you how to improve on and finish the binary transition project by working with Time Remapping and Camera animation. Plus, see how Magic Bullet Looks and Trapcode Shine help add the finishing touches.

5 thoughts on “Red Giant TV Ep 02: Binary Transition – Part 2”

  1. Wonderful tutorial. I knew you on creativecow site. I like your tut and your new web site. Thanks for all.

    Gianni (from Italy)

  2. yes yo i like your tutorials in fact i just finished your tutorial
    (The Basics — Adding emitters over background footage by Aharon Rabinowitz 10 Dec 02)
    it was simple a bit hard not overall i enjoyed your tutorial and it was easy to follow, now how about the donut LOL funny that

    i thought you will have a section n your site for particle Illusion tutorials?
    please make a section for particle Illusion tutorials please

  3. Hey Aharon.

    dont you do particle Illusion tutorials ?

    please do some of the tutorials for particle Illusion tutorials please

    Thank you for this great site

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