Shape Layer Tip #3: Trim Paths

In this video tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to use shape layers to easily create that Old-School look where a red dashed line animates over a map to indicate travel destinations.

25 thoughts on “Shape Layer Tip #3: Trim Paths”

  1. This works very well, thanks! Question: say it was a map with an airplane moving along the line. What is the best way to link the airplane (an eps file) with the line so they move together so that if you change the line, the motion path of the airplane updates automatically?

  2. Yes, I meant if you reroute the line across the map, as in it goes in a different area, a different route, is there a way to have the airplane’s route (which follows the line) update automatically. Thanks again!

  3. Hello, could you possibly tell me how you created the sun beams on your map… they are shining from the top left to the bottom right… i wanted to do something like that with a comp of my own, with a slow rotation? thanks

  4. Hello Liz, Why don’t you try parenting aeroplane layer with the line layer and see what happens!

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