The Bourne Flashback: Creating a Flashback Look

In this video tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create the flashback look as seen in the film The Bourne Ultimatum with some extra touches and hints.

7 thoughts on “The Bourne Flashback: Creating a Flashback Look”

  1. That was my shoutout to the team of animators that do the Canes’ jumbotron animation. I went out there a while back to do some training with them. They sent me home with a lot of Swag. Alas Ward’s thumb broke off, and he can’t hold the Smythe award anymore… at least not well.

  2. Nice, I imagine hoisting the con smythe and stopping a puck is tough with no thumb. Thanks for all the great tutorials! I just bought your vol. 2 DVD and I’m looking forward to watching it.

  3. yoo man my fav film is bourne trilogyy man and i was looking for the effect used in the sceens in the moviess and for u to have the exact tutorial i want crazyy man made me soo happyy im duin a tralier for project thankss man saved me soo much.

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