Microsoft Comes Through

I had a shockingly good experience with Microsoft tech support today. I was having trouble installing MS Windows XP SP3 (Adobe’s strong recommendation for CS4). No matter how many different  ways I tried, it would not install. There was some sort of permissions issue. So I did the unthinkable:

I called Microsoft and asked for help.

Not only did they walk me through the process of removing the restrictions – they actually did it for me. The tech support agent, Kiruthika, actually took over my screen and stayed with me for over 30 minutes as she downloaded and installed all the necessary files to my PC, and ran and installed them.

So if you have the same problem (as many people seem to, based on my research), MS offers free awesome support for the SP3 transition.

I’m still buying Mac’s, but it’s nice to know that when I install windows on them, someone will be there.

10 thoughts on “Microsoft Comes Through”

  1. Microsoft took over your screen …sounds really bad at first . I hope they had your permission to do that 🙂

  2. Aharon: Thanks for this info as I was planning to install XP SP3 within the next few weeks. It seems I’ll need to stay close to the phone. This is good news for Video editors who want to stay on board with XP.

    My question: I knew you could still purchase XP Pro, but I thought MS was no longer supporting XP. This must not be true since you were able to get help. Is there a deadline ALL support will stop?

  3. mmm…
    didn’t sound like it was going to have a positive outcome from the brief intro on the home page…

  4. There is deadline, but not for a few years yet. I forget the date. We’re good for a while though.

    And while MS won’t sell you XP, if you buy vista, you can downgrade. Call and ask, but they say that on the site in several places.

    I just purchased XP from J&R and New Egg.

  5. please note MS dont offer free support anywhere except the USA in the Uk it was about $100 per incident as I found out once when asking them why their sw doesnt work before asking your problem they ask for your credit card number

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