RGTV Ep 05: Controling Time with Audio – Pt. 1

In this episode, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to use audio to control time. You’ll learn how to make your video automatically move forward in time to the music’s beat – a technique used in tons of music videos and commercials.

12 thoughts on “RGTV Ep 05: Controling Time with Audio – Pt. 1”

  1. no aharon i was talking about the effect, i follow all the steps and it makes it go to fast and makes it too short

  2. Like I said, each piece of audio and footage is different. Make sure you are using a long piece of footage or it will run out quickly.

    Also make sure to adjust your audio range and min/max settings to make sure it doesn’t play to fast based on the music.

  3. Amazing!!!!
    I follow every grat tutorial of yours, so all them al interesting, some of them use 3th soft, and i´ll probe them, for the moment if it possible try to translate to spanish. there are a lot of followners intersted in this fabolouse software.

  4. Hello, I get my video to freeze at the end, what can be the problem?it playes and then it freezes… I don’t know why.. please help, I have a project to finish soon.

  5. Aharon hello again, yes, you right, now I got it. However, I have another problem, I want to use a few video clips in mov files, they also from Artbeats footages, I want to connect them with same soundkey, however some of them are works and some of them not, just staying frozen and nothing happens with video.Can you tell me please, how can i connect all my videos with this same soundkey file, so they will work ?Thanks

  6. update all the tutorials that are linked to redgaint website…sine the site is updated the present link are redirected to the home page…

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