15 thoughts on “RGTV Ep 06: Controling Time with Audio – Pt. 2”

  1. Hi Aharon,
    Really nice and great tutorial. it show some of the many Potential Trapcode Sound Keys have.
    am looking forward for your upcoming tutorial.
    have a wonderful and funny week 🙂

  2. Beautiful TUT Aharon, 1st time here from VCP, your site looks good.

    gr8 goin, keep all these good tuts coming for people like me who wanna learn AE.

    Thank you for all these gr8 tutorial once again.

  3. Great Tut, but counting with its project files (like at VideoCopilot.net) would be also better!

    Anyway, thanks for this tut.

  4. some times i feel trapcode getting me in to a confusion hell but i understand that how use this plugin for effects. thanks you Aharon.

  5. hey thank you for those amazing tutorials…looking forward to more great and funny tutorials frm you 🙂 btw ur such a great teacher:) thanks a mil!!!

  6. really enjoy watching for tutorials. you do a great job of explaining the purpose of each step. I wish my teachers in school was like this. then again i wouldn’t be here learning from you. so thanks now i know I am wasting money . LOL

  7. i keep getting errors when trying to apply the sound key settings they are all different some say something about ratio most error messages say not enough ram 294k needed 3984 available..i have plenty of ram 4 gigs and 1gig on video card…i have tried adjusting setting,s and shortening clip,seperating audio and video file and nothing worked ..I get the same messages any ideas would be greatly appreciated ..Thanks Aaron for all the expertise and great tutorials that you are nice enough to provide for all of us….It is greatly appreciated…

  8. update all the tutorials that are linked to redgaint website…sine the site is updated the present link are redirected to the home page…

  9. Hi Aharon
    Wonderful tutorials thank you for teaching us …can i ask what name of this sound you using in this tutorial how can i download full sound of this tutorial thank you
    name of tutorial …controlling time with audio part 2

  10. Edward – I’m not actually sure. it was a few years ago. what I can tell you is that the smartsound library has huge volume of music with separate audio tracks that you can. But really any audio with a good beat will do the job.

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