8 thoughts on “RGTV Ep 08: Creating and Working with Complex 3D Projects”

  1. This is an amazing tutorial Aharon! Thank You.

    Plane Space is just amazing, Plz give us some more complex tutorials on Plane Space Plugin.

    Thank you Again


  2. Absolutely Aharon, This plug-in is just awesome & very useful, its gr8 that we will have another one soon and 2 more to follow.

    Thankyou for all these stuffs, ur a genius and ur tutorials are just amazing.


  3. Hey can you make a tutorial with the blonde? Actually just skip the tutorial and just show the blonde dancing around, it’ll save you some work lol. Love the tutorials!

  4. Lovely tutorial! 🙂 The plug-in seems just awesome! Looking forward to the more complex tutorial 🙂

    Best Regards. August

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