All Footage Keyed Out!

If you watch this week’s tutorial, you’ll see that I make a reference to a new product we’re working on bringing to you. A huge library of pre-keyed alpha footage – actors filmed on a green screen and then keyed out – so all you have to do is drop it into your projects.

If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

18 thoughts on “All Footage Keyed Out!”

  1. I´m glad to tell you that all your tutorials are very inspiring and useful as well, Thanks to you and all those that make AE a something very precoius.

  2. this is so cool.
    make stuff easier 🙂

    aharon you got you tube account.
    it would be easier to get contact .

  3. This would be usefull to me as well. I’ve learned after effects through books, you, and Andrew Kramer over the last year &1/2…. and I’ve been able to make extra money doing small jobs because of your awesome tutorials. Hope to go fulltime soon.
    Thanks so much Aharon.

  4. I’ve got a project, right now, that is SO perfect for this keyed-out footage. Any chance of a hint when it might be available… a few days, weeks, months????

    On another note… I too have been so blessed by your tutorials as I’ve followed them over the last couple years. Thank you Aharon… you’re awesome!

  5. I could tell you that it would be within 2 weeks, but… What it comes down to is that I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. Getting the system up for navigating over 45,000 video clips (the largest library of keyed out footage ever) and all the metadata is not simple. But we’re almost there.

    Also, the name may change to something more marketable. Hang in there. I’m not holding out on you.

  6. Thanks, I was not aware of the scale of the project! I’ll be patient, good luck!
    Nothing wrong with the name, could shorten to “Keyed Out!”

  7. yes. 45,000 clips. And you can buy them individually at a lower cost than you will find anywhere, even compared to other sites that sell them in bulk. Hey – I have a video production company too. I know how important budget is.

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