If you subscribed to any of my RSS feeds…

Hi folks-

If you subscribed to any of my RSS feeds, please re-subscribe. There was a bug in the feeds and it was fixed today. I want to make sure you get the most up to date tutorials…etc.

Sorry for the trouble. the site is still in beta.

One thought on “If you subscribed to any of my RSS feeds…”

  1. HI,Aharon

    My name is Mihai and I wrote you here because…I d’ont now your email.I watch all your tutorials on Creative Cow and I learned a lot of things and tricks.Your a good teatcher! If you d’ont mind,I need a little help from you.On Creative Cow you posted 3 parts about Displacement Maps effect.In part one you start with 3 short examples(footages): Hot City,Force Field and ” a title on the floor,displaced by rain”.I liked verry much the last one(with the rain).I now how to diplace a title with wather waves(I learned from your other tutorial) but I d’ont now how to make the rain whit drop splash and water down the floor(and I was try-it !).Can you post an tutorial like the third short example from displacement maps tutorial part one?I want to use this for an “intro” to my wedding.Can you help me?

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