Andrew Kramer at After Effects New York

Last night, Andrew Kramer paid a visit to After Effects New York, the group I co-run with Jim Geduldick. We had an awesome turnout – over 300 people.  His training was, of course, fantastic. I especially enjoyed his use of Windows Paint to show some high-end compositing techniques (if you think I’m kidding  – I’m not).

The crowd at After Effects New York (and the back of Andrew Kramer's head). No, I didn't fuzz the people out. My cell phone camera just sucks. Click the above image to see a bigger, just as sucky version.

It was a lot of fun, and it’s inspired me to go “on tour” again – I haven’t been out to the user groups since  before my daughter Noa was Borne – so almost a year now. But I think I’m going to take Crowd Control on tour and share some compositing techniques, starting sometime after April. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Just want to say thanks! It was my first time attending AENY and well worth the trip. Aharon, Jim, and Andrew are really down to earth, great all around guys…..and IMO they are like RockStars of the AE community. I would encourage anyone to attend if you could, it was a great experience.
    Thx for taking time to talk with me Aharon and stopping for a picture. You guys are the best!

  2. Thanks for a great meeting Aharon. It is difinitely worth the trip from Jersey. And thanks for keeping the meeting right along the PATH line. I am sure you planned it that way. By the way, crowd control looks great and the commercial is very funny!

  3. Hey Aharon did you get tied of running handing out the was more like a gym class with the soccer going on upstairs… lol I had a great time .. it was my first time their , I’m the guy in the 2nd row in the blue hat and the blue shirt .. i was the first to meet ya .I really had some question for you as well. say what were you saying about being part of a demo reel..

  4. It’s my exercise for the month. Believe me, I need it.

    In answer to your question… Red Giant Software is looking for professional examples of their software in use, and will give product (i.e., Plug-ins) for it if they can use it on their site and reel.

  5. Aharon –
    Just a note to say thanks. Not to get to sloppy and syrupy but…really man….THANKS!! to you and Jim and the other guy I’ve never seen for taking the initiative and organizing the whole shebango. It’s a tremendous resource and just plain fun.

    And now I’m actually going to buy one of your products to express my sincerity and because it looks to be a valuable repository of useful information. [Internet Killed the Radio Star] – done.

    Best wishes to you and your family,


  6. Aharon, so wart happen to vxf artist in Nigeria that can’t afford to come for the seminal, we’re really in great need of one, pls do consider this. God bless.

  7. Aharon… I wanted to let you know you were the first person I saw when I walked into the auditorium. I thought… ‘Is that….? Wait… IT IS!’ You have been a great influence and I can honestly say you ignited my interest in AE a few years back. I was disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to meet you in person. By the end of the meeting I had to catch the last megabus back to Philly. I would have loved to have shaken your hand and taken a picture. Maybe you can post a picture of you standing and smiling with your arm around an imaginary person and I can just composite it in. ha. Thank you for everything!

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