Crowd Control Takes on Adjustment Lights

Eran Stern just did a great Creative Cow podcast tutorial on the subject of adjustment lights. And I’m proud to say that in it, he uses Crowd Control to help illustrate it. And if you’re more of a “Full-res” tutorial kind of person, it should be up this Friday in all of it’s full-sized glory.


When I teach AE at Pratt, I cover this often missed subject as well. It’s a great way to get control of what your 3D lights are illuminating without a lot of work.

2 thoughts on “Crowd Control Takes on Adjustment Lights”

  1. This is a great tutorial showing the use of multiple lights and how to control them. AR you are certainly missed on CC AE podcast, but Eran is doing a great job in your abscence.

    I encourage you to tour for Crowd Control if the circumstances permit.

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