7 thoughts on “RGTV Ep. 15: Better Compositing with Particles”

  1. Wow! Creative Cow is fast. The DVD [Internet killed the video star] that I ordered this past Saturday – arrived today. I haven’t watched it yet but I did watch this tutorial. Good stuff. Shows off your footage very well. For whatever reason the concept of – stacking order – eluded me for awhile. I know, I know it’s not brain surgery. But this tut reinforces that concept nicely and reveals some hidden Particular parameters also. Thanks for making it.

  2. Aharon, thanks so much for this, I’ve often come a cropper with this issue, resolved generally with far too much time spent duplicating the particles, placing one behind and masking out the foreground, which with any moving footage is both time-consuming and a bit of a nightmare!

    Really great tutorial, as always man.



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