Creating 3D Cloud Motion From a Still Image

In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to take a 2D image of clouds and use it to create realistic 3D cloud motion, in just a few simple clicks. No cutting up of the image needed! This Tip was sent to us by Noel Powell after he watched our weather replacement tutorials.

37 thoughts on “Creating 3D Cloud Motion From a Still Image”

  1. Great tutorial! Alot easier than slicing it up into different layers.
    One question. Did you record this at 4 in the morining? You sounded totally different and had tons of ums and uhs. Somthing was a little off from the usual. But, great tutorial nonetheless!

  2. Nice tutorial Aharon. Just wondering, were you traveling on alligator alley? If so, whereabouts were you in Southwest FL? I live near naples, ft myers, estero…always cool to hear when people are passing through

  3. We drove from Sarasota (Lido Key, actually, where I stay a few times a year) and went across to my parents in Miami Beach. Alligator alley is a little out of the way for that trip, but we did take it the last time just to check it out. Didn’t see any gators, but probably a good thing.

  4. simple, but amazing effects. Aharon, MASTER of After Effects. I thought youre the one who designed this software. How can you know every single detail of the software? i wish i can be just 1/100 of your skill . Where did you learn these? How long to make a normal person become a master of AE?

  5. I think everyone’s parents live in Miami Beach ( my grandparents live there ).

    To the guy above who wrote Thanks Andrew – wtf man? Do you not know who’s website you are on???? lol

  6. That is such an elegant solution. My approach would have been much more convoluted. Thanks to you and Noel for sharing it.

  7. Aharon, thanks for the tip! That was an issue that I was wrestling with on several occasions and I never came up with a solution.

    Noel, that “David and The Lion” stuff looks awesome!!! I really dig your character animation test too!

  8. That’s a really nice solution! In the past I made the cloudlayer 3D and rotated it then, but this is a so much better way. : )

  9. Awesome! Just when you think you figured everything out, someone comes up with something better.

  10. Wow…. sometimes it’s the most simple things that make the best results. Thanks for the tip guys.

  11. po rumochke po malenkoi
    nalei nalei nalei
    po rumochke po malenkoi
    chem poiat loshodei

    nice song, nice tut ))
    thx for knowledge
    from Russia with love )))

  12. Hi Aharon,
    Thanks for this tutorial. I watched this a while ago and remembered it recently while working on a website project.

    I took the principles of this technique and used them in an Adobe Flash project to create some nice cloud motion.

    It’s nice and simple and very effective.
    I have credited you in the article which you can view below.

    All the best.

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