Doug Medlock: The Deepest Voice You Definately Want to Hire


I’m working on a commercial and need to find a voice over actor.  In searching through Voice 123 (a great resource for VO talent), I found Doug Medlock, one of the deepest voices I’ve ever heard. He’s done plenty of ads you’ve seen on TV or heard on the radio.

I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty jealous. I’ve always wanted a voice like that, and since the next best thing to having talent is hiring someone with the talent you wish you had – I’m really hoping to have a project I can work on with him soon. If you’re looking for a seriously deep voice that can send shivers down your back, or for someone that can voice your Marlboro Man, he’s the guy. He’s personable and has very reasonable rates, so check out his site and listen to his demo’s – and get ready to cut the power on your base – otherwise you might get that windblown look in your hair.

Oh, and tell him I sent you. He probably won’t know who I am, but when I call him, I want him to say – you’re the guy!!!!

5 thoughts on “Doug Medlock: The Deepest Voice You Definately Want to Hire”

  1. wow, i never heard of voice123. It’s so hard to find voice over talent for my videos. This is perfect, thanks Aharon!

  2. My suggestion is to search for people first and then invite them to the audition. If you invite people you like, you’re more likely to have success. Most of the people who responded blindly, weren’t as good. i didn’t go with this actor for this gig – he wasn’t quite right for what I needed, but he was cream of the crop – someone I’d want to use in the future, and everyone else charged the same thing as him.

    I did however find a great VO artist for this project named David Brewer. he actually charged less than most, but gave the best audition. I;m pretty picky, and he was totally cool with my coaching him over the phone several times until we got it just the way i wanted it. If you use him, please let him know I sent you.

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