Light Wraps

Not sure if I’m obsessed or just really bent on trying to help people get better compositing results, but if I can get these done before I head out for 3 weeks (2 for the holidays, 1 for NAB), I’m going to be putting out 2 tutorials on better Light Wraps. If you’re not familiar with them – check out this tutorial where I spend some time on the subject – it’s an effect that helps mix the background and foreground elements realistically by having light from behind the subject spill over or wrap around them.

One of the tutorials deals with Red Giant’s Light Wrap effect (from Key Correct Pro), and the other with both Maltaannon’s ceLightwrap and a 3rd alternative you should know about for a certain kind of light wrapping emergency (you’ll see).

OK, it may not be the most exciting effect, but it’s an often-missed one in the compositing process and a dead giveaway that it’s faked. If you’re a Crowd Control user, or doing any kind of compositing, you definately don’t want to miss these.

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