NAB – What it means to me…

Just got back from NAB, and boy are my arms tired. Actually, the NAB (The National Association of Broadcasters) show was really light this year. But the truth is, light or heavy on the traffic, I really do enjoy seeing my friends – especially the ones that live across the country, like Ko Maruyama, or across the world like John Dickinson, Eran Stern or Maltaannon.

Me, John Dickinson, and John Kerr - picture blatantly stolen from John Dickinson's blog at

And of course hanging out with the people that actually design the software I use is the thing that really stokes me. Guys like Peder Norrby (The creator of Trapcode, and a phenominaly nice and modest guy), Zax Dow (Zaxwerks – who was kind enough to give me a ride back from the Media Motion Cafe), the hard working team at Red Giant Software, Wes Plate (Automatic Duck), Jim and Debbie from Digital Anarchy, Robert Sharp (DigiEffects), the gang at GridIron Software… all of them. The work done by these people have profoundly impacted my life, and it’s a dream to hang around with them and get to know them.

I actually had Eran and Trish and Chris Meyer Bail me out during a presentation when I had a brain freeze – yeah it wasn’t my best presentation ever – not enough sleep… But it was nice to know that they were there for me.

All of that said… I’m not too big a fan of Vegas. I’m glad we do this one only once a year. Well… except for Macworld. And Sigraph. And IBC… oh crap.

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  1. …OK, so I am a little behind on reading the Blog lol
    What a small world…or at least small circles when it comes to AE and that world. All those names AR, what heavy hitters they are in the industry. I’m glad we have a guy like you to represent the East Coast! …as for the rest of us, we are just wannabes…ok I speak for myself 🙂 – wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

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