After Effects Force Field

For a long time I’ve wanted to do a force field tutorial. But I had trouble finding inspiration. I started to look around the web, and found this trailer for Halo 3:

After watching that, I was inspired to find a way to create an effect  that didn’t feel random but that did have some organic feel to it.

I played aroun a bit and came up with this:

Click the image to see the movie.

The hardest thing to figure out was how to make those hexagons grow in that order. You have no idea. It took a while. Now that I’ve made this, I need to go back and see how I did it, so i can make a tutorial. That’s going to be fun…

In the meantime, any thoughts?

17 thoughts on “After Effects Force Field”

  1. It looks very nice. I wonder how you did it. i think it’s a texture which is “spherized” + a kind of transition. hm

  2. very cool, you gave halo a run for their money.. can’t wait for the tutorial.. you are going to do a tutorial right????!!!!

  3. CC Sphere is definately in there. A lot of instances. The transition however is not an included effect. It was probably the hardest part of all of it. I wanted the hexagons to grow and interlock but not at once. So I had to find a way to make them expand out over time. It involved a lot of pre-comping and time displacement.

  4. that was great…much better than the Halo force field…cant wait for the tutorial…maybe also have the force field reacting to debri/shrapnel?

  5. Cool man! I don’t know how you did it either. : – )
    I love the whole glass look. Is it possible Mr. Mercury plays a part in this?

  6. nope. The glass part is definitely a big part of the illusion. But it’s really simple to create. Involves the ramp effect. You’ll see. This will probably be the longest tutorial I have ever done.

  7. good tutorial to come im sure, even better force field, just curious, any idea how long the tutorial will be roughly? generally speaking of course. thanks again!!!

  8. AR, that look’s great! I like the color treatment. So..looking at the explosion, I know it’s a secondary effect and you are concentrating on the force shield 🙂 …I couldn’t help but think, is he using any presets from particular? So if the answer is yes (cause I know u are also fond or particle illusions)….what if one looses the presets somehow? lol I was looking for that preset that looks like your explosion…just the plum of smoke…I’m guessing that explosion is many instances of it…any way my presets are blank? Not sure how that happened?
    Your work is great…hopefully I will see you again at AENY.

  9. Yeah it;s just in there as filler. I needed something… I think the preset is called Explode up Dark. If you add particular to a layer, in the effects pannel there’s a pulldown menu at the top for animation presets. It’ll be one of them. If for some reason you erased the presets, just re-download particular from the Red Giant software website and install. It will be in your presets then.

  10. any chance of posting project files along with the tutorial?, since it will be lengthy and for us noobs a tad hard to follow. speaking for myself i find project files along with a tutorial come a long way in understanding the whole process better, just my 2 cents. thx regardless.

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