Early Morning Deadlines

0426091600aI used to think I knew what deadlines were, and then we had a baby. I work some ungodly hours which often brings me home late, so I cover the mornings with our daughter, Noa (hebrew for “motion”). My wife leaves early and comes home much earlier than me, so she takes evenings. I live for the days I can come home early and we all hang out.

Anyway, I’ve worked for some tough clients, and I’ve learned some diplomatic skills. Stuff like how to negotiate for more time or money. None of that is useful here. If there isn’t a bottle in mouth by 8 AM, I get the talking to of a lifetime. Sure it’s all gibberish, but based on the volume, she sounds like she means it.

On the other hand, she rarely cries, outside of needing food, sleep, or a diaper change. So it’s a more-than-fair trade. I am a lucky dad to have a kid as good as her.

But it does make me wonder if all of those  irate people I have worked with in TV just needed to be burped.

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