Peel-away Vortex Transition

OK – maybe not the best name, but here’s a tutorial I’m working on.  It uses Trapcode Form to create the majority of the effect.

Click the image to watch video

Man, I can’t wait to try this transition out on some of the Crowd Control footage, to see if it translates well as a transporter-like effect of maybe even a the reaction to some sort of cool weapon that shreds and dissoloves things…

OK, and I have to tell you it may be alittle while before this tutorial comes out. I’m working on a few really big projects – most of which I can’t talk about YET, but which are very cool.

Oh, and I hate the name of the effect. If you have some name ideas, I’m listening. If I use your suggestion, I’ll give you credit for it in the tutorial (whenever it gets done).

23 thoughts on “Peel-away Vortex Transition”

  1. the projects u cant comment on, are they movie, music video, tv, video game, etc. what genre?

  2. How ’bout “sphincter contraction” Okay that’s even worse … how about “Instant Inhale” …. oh well I tried…..regardless the name it looks great.

    Rock on!

  3. Español: Aharon, se ve muy bien este tutorial… ojala y salga pronto, gracias…
    English: Aharon, this tutorial looks very good, i hope it comes soon, thanks…

  4. Looking forward to these “Fluid Dynamics” (doh) …I suspect that Trapcode Form provides much more than meets the eye. Some good applications of Form should trigger some inspiration…

  5. Brilliant Stuff …Andre….no wait??? Aharon…j/k…can’t wait for your next great installment…a true master of visual effects!

  6. That looks great Aharon, how about calling it ‘Tendril Reveals’ or ‘Glowing Tentacles of the Vortex god’ or ‘lighty, wipey, wispy thing’

  7. Wow! I can’t believe it’s 2D! That’s really beautiful Aharon! And I’m not sure the name is so bad. The “Peel Away” part seems spot on. Maybe you could change the “vortex” part to “arc” or something (like a welder’s arc). Talk to you soon.

  8. Well – the first half of it was actually RGTV episode 21. As far as the 2nd half – Actually I wrote it on friday. Next up is to record it. It’s coming but I have a commercial I have to finish this week, plus a presentation for After Effects New York – been busy paying those bills. My daughter has a nasty habit of eating.

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