The Force Field…

The After Effects Force Field tutorial is done. The only thing keeping me from putting it up is an overnight compression job.  But here’s a video to keep you happy in the meantime…

Click the above image to see an example video.

We’ll be covering how to create the forcefield itself, and some basic color corrections. The rest (camera shake, explosion) is for another time. However the project files (including the camera shake) will be included.

FYI – while particular was used for the basic explosion, elements from Action Movie Essentials and the NEW not-yet-released Action Essentials 2, from our friends at,  were used to give the animation a more relistic dynamic feel.

And, of course, the actor was from Crowd Control, our library of over 45,000 pre-keyed alpha stock footage clips. And you can get the clip used here, absolutely FREE for a limited time. The project will only include a watermarked version.

6 thoughts on “The Force Field…”

  1. now I think the forcefield is a bit too fast. In your last version you could see how it was created slower.
    however – please reveal the secret ; )

  2. SWEET! AR and AK playing together in the sandbox…I love the shared content and creative exchange. You guys rock!

  3. HI! I want to do the tutorial but when I donwloading the project files I can´t use the mov video because is broken. Could I get this video right to do the tutorial???


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