Trapcode Particular 2!!!!

Click on the image to watch the video.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Given that the product is still in Beta, these features are not set in stone. Until this ad appears on the Red Giant website, do not consider this official. The ad may change.

Oh yeah, it’s Red Giant Software’s Trapcode Particular 2, baby!

OK, well, it’s a commercial for it. And at the end of the ad, several new features in P2 are revealed on screen, so pay close attention.

I wrote and directed this sucker,  but didn’t do any of the hard work myself. The video was Filmed by my After Effects New York partner in crime, Jim Geduldick, on location-here at All Bets Are Off Productions. Poor Jim carried 50 pounds of equipment on his back that one day the weather in NY topped 90 degrees.

Graphics by David Vinson the team at Outpost Pictures. Chris Tomberlin at Outpost also did some of the audio sweetening, and SFX.

The dancers are, as usual,  from Crowd Control, our huge library of Pre-Keyed Alpha Stock Footage. Which only proves you can use these clips in just about any project.

And of course, thanks to Peder Norrby for being such a great sport. He’s a great guy, and a lot of fun to hang out with.

Oh, and you can bet there are outtakes (coming soon).

Alright – I’m heading out for an early weekend. See you all on the flip-side.

17 thoughts on “Trapcode Particular 2!!!!”

  1. I can´t wait for this one!! as always great job Aharon! and by the way this is one of my favorite web page and resources for motion graphics. good on you my friend! and thanks a lot!

  2. Aahh, trapcode 2 ! Saw a demo by the man himself recently. Definately some good new features. Unfortunately, the clip here doesn’t play on the iPhone – I will have to return from the main machine to watch it… Any thoughts on supporting the mobile community as well mr R- Especially now you started to twit links to your great site…

  3. Sweet. The true 3d function will save a lot of time precomping custom particles to rotate around! Excellent stuff.

  4. (; but when? where is my Trapcode Particular 2? i can’t see it in my effects and presets. actually i’m a impatient man. still in beta? no no no, champ at the bit. and thansk for this khaver Rabinowitz

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