A great tutorial on Red Giant TV

No – not one of mine. This one comes from Rob Birnholz of Absolute Motion Graphics.

image_redgianttv_list_21Episode 20: Creating a 3D Picture Montage with Trapcode Particular

In this Episode, Rob Birnholz shows you a great technique for quickly creating a 3D picture montage with Trapcode Particular. It takes just minutes to set up, but can save you hours of work.

Transporter effects, and binary transitions are cool and fun, but very rarely do we have a tutorial with a project that can be used in so man situations, and help you really make money. It may not be the most beautiful of projects, but this one will be great for anyone who has corporate clients, but it’s applicable to so much more.

You can watch the episode here.

BTW – the episode opens with a sneak peak at Particular 2, so don’t miss it!

And, as always, just for watching the episode, you can get a discount on Trapcode particular (with free upgrate to particular 2) here.

3 thoughts on “A great tutorial on Red Giant TV”

  1. Pretty useful tutorial.
    I know this technique but you know what
    I learn a small thing (big for me)
    “Auto orient off ”
    which is pretty useful.
    thanks for the tutorial.

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