After Effects New York – Ocean Water Presentation

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So… good news and bad news…

The bad news first. The screen capture we did at After Effects New York, did not work out well.

Now the good news… Today I sat down and gave the same presentation to… my computer. I just re-did the presentation – no editing, no planning, no nothing. It’s recorded just like you were sitting in the room with me. Not as polished as my usual stuff, but still pretty useful. I hope to have it up in the next day or so.

And yes – It will include the project file.

10 thoughts on “After Effects New York – Ocean Water Presentation”

  1. Woah!! Aharon that Knocked me off my chair. Awesome!!.You sir must seriously consider opening an institute of Arts.
    I have seen stuff like this before but that was in 3d Studio max (noise modifier with animated gizmo) but this looks better (and done inside after FX already thinking of compositing it with a boat and a character from crowd control 🙂 )
    ps: the lens flare using knol light factory?

  2. Dang! We are digging our new home in Atlanta but both me and my son are bummed out about not being able to attend the AENY meetings any more. Great work Aharon.

  3. Richard – no – Psunami was not used. Psunami creates much more realistic imagery, but I think this looks pretty cool.

    Again: NO 3RD-PARTY TOOLS WERE USED!!!! That means no extra plug-ins. Only effects found in AE.

  4. I want to see Aharon Rabinowitz vs andrew kramer………… a after effects show down…users picks the ideal…you and kramer do the tutorial…users vote for winner

  5. @ Deeq: You can´t be serious – thats the most miserable Idea I´ve ever heard! Instead they should make a tutorial together.
    Or even better: Maltaannon, John Dickinson, Aharon Rabinowitz, Andrew Kramer and Harry Frank should do one together! I think that would be like an Allstar Game of Motiondesigners and a lot of fun for everybody 🙂

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