After Effects New York – This time I mean it!

OK – the plan is that this month at AENY, I’ll be presenting. Unless someone comes up with a holiday I never heard of, or a meteor hits Manhattan (And I’ve seen enough movies to know it can happen) – I’ll be there.

Next meeting: Thursday, June 25, 2009
The Time: 6:45 PM – 9:00 PM
The Place:
P.S. 41
116 W est 11th St., NYC
(corner of 11th Street and 6th Ave.)

Thanks to our sponsors, the meeting is FREE.

I hope to show some cool animation and compositing techniques, some of the new features in Particular 2… and possibly something super-secret that I’ve been working on. Could be a plug-in, could be a breakfast cereal, could be something else entirely. As always, I hope to share some good ideas for doing better work in AE.

Mostly I just want to hang out with my fellow AE community members. I really hated missing last month.

2 thoughts on “After Effects New York – This time I mean it!”

  1. NICE!!! I hope this month there will be all ??!
    Why Siberia??? *?%F$#%S^#%%…
    I and my bear 🙂 with impatience we wait for video from conference, Is planned that?

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