After Effects New York Wrap Up

Alright – I am heading out the door for the weekend, but I wanted to do a quick wrap up of what I covered in my After Effects New York presentation:

1. Creating an Ocean Water Effect – using only tools found in After Effects CS3+ and no footage, I showed how you can create a semi-realistic look of cruising along the ocean at 40 knots (no idea what that means) both with gray weather and at sunset – great for simple motion graphics projects. I also showed some videos made with Red Giant Software’s Psunami – the only plug-in for After Effects, Motion and Final Cut Pro that generates realistic water in a 3D environment. It was used in Titanic and several other films. If you’re doing ocean water – it’s a tool worth checking out.

2. Trapcode Particular 2: I showed some of the cool new features in Trapcode Particular 2 (coming soon), including the new 3D transform options, shaded (light reactive) particles, and the new streaklet particle type. I also did a tutorial that built of of some Red Giant TV Episodes (Episode 07: Getting Better Control of Emitter Position in Trapcode Particular & Episode 15: Better Compositing with Particles) with some cool hints on using the new Streaklet particle type and a cool expression to make compositing particles easier with a moving camera – good for all versions of particular (or at least 1.5 and 2).

3. New Plug-in Under Development: Last but not least, I showed a plug-in under development at Red Giant Software, called Holomatrix. This plug-in was designed by me and the amazing Dan Ebberts, who you may know as the expressions guru from Creative Cow. The plug-in creates the look of Holographic imagery, digital signage, Bad TV signals, and ghostly apparitions. It also works great with 3D elements for creating 3D holographic imagery and environments.

Not bad for 1 day’s worth of prepping. It helped that I had some good footage to work with. Of course – I refer to Crowd Control.

While I don’t have any visuals to put up yet – we screen captured almost all of my presentation, so you’ll be able to see it soon. Keep following this blog for more info.

I also want to thank my buddy Jim Geduldick, who’s been a great partner in keeping AENY going. Life has gotten pretty hecktic lately, and he’s been keeping the AENY fires stoked – booking the presentors and getting new prizes. He, along with our buddy Dave Gittleman, does all the tech setup at our meetings as well. Thanks guys!

10 thoughts on “After Effects New York Wrap Up”

  1. Ira, I really enjoyed the tutorial on the water effect. Ive always wanted to create effect but someow I was only able to use the displacement map with a photo of water. Not the greatest effect.

    This was my first time at one of these meetings and look forward to the next one.

  2. LoL looks like the “Great Minds of AFX” having kind a competition

    i think both the A’s (Andrew and Aharon) of ‘A’fter FX are equally cool. would be More cool to see both in AENY. 😮 btw where can i find AENY videos (its not on the AENY website :S) ?

  3. Hi Aharon, your news are always good news! Speaking of Holographic Imagery, here you can see a animation I did for a online contets. I used one of the free clips form crowd controll and it was great to work with it. CC is my new no_1 go to spot when I need some great footage!

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