Present yourself Professionally – Use BCC!

I know this isn’t about animation, but let’s talk business and the web, and presenting one’s self professionally when reaching out to large number of people at once… When you do a mass email, don’t share people’s private info – And that includes their email address! Use BCC instead of CC to hide their contact info.

And if you don’t know about BCC, then watch the video below. It will be an enlightening experience. It might even be that “Oh!” moment where you figure out why none of your internet friends want to talk to you anymore. For the rest of you, feel free to share this with those that need a quick education on the subject:

12 thoughts on “Present yourself Professionally – Use BCC!”

  1. I once received an e-mail from my daughter’s school that had the e-mail addresses of the parents of every child in the school.

    What made it even more embarrassing for the sender was that it was actually meant to be an internal memo sent only to the teaching staff.

    Should I mention that I received an apology with all those addresses again exposed?

    And that the internal teacher’s addresses had been added?

    And that the receptionist that did this still has charge of the school’s e-mail announcements?

    Thanks for the video, Aharon. It will come in useful. -R

  2. Oh, and may I add that a fitting sequel to this message would be one related to the correct use of the term “Reply All”. -R

  3. Had the same Problem here in Germany. I send a Mail to the Politician in charge for Public Relations and Privacy. I wrote to complain that the data of us people will not be save anymore with the change in one law.

    Not only did I get a standard mail back telling me that the Person is aware that our private data needs to be save … send to over 1300 People with their Mail adresses added via cc. Some of them replied (of cause to all) complaining that they are to stupid to use bcc 🙂

    So yeah, do another one on reply all.

    Thanks, George

  4. This is an excellent video. I’m going to email the link to all my friends, testing the BCC option at the same time.

    Love your work Aharon. Thanks!

  5. This is good stuff Aharon. I love the show concept and the first topic is mandatory viewing for all emailers. The aesthetics and pacing are solid. Carry on.

  6. Being french, myself, i’m afraid i can’t let you make fun of us like this.
    Ergo: i’m pretty sure they meant to send an email to 12,000 people.

    yeah, i’m pretty sure.
    who am i kidding ? Of course they don’t know how to use mail…our last president didn’t know what was a mouse…
    or did he ?

  7. Thanks for explaining, I didnt know about BCC in emails. First I thought you talk about boris-continuum plugins 🙂

  8. Thanks for the important message in a nice way!

    BTW, i don’t know about other email services, but I use Gmail, and there you don’t have to place any address in the To field, just place everything in BCC.

    Thanks again!!

  9. BCC is great with the caveat that many email servers see emails with BCC as spam so they end up in your Junk Mail or possibly never get delivered, depending on your email settings.

  10. Mr. Jakeway’s point about e-mail filters automatically treating bcc as spam is a valid one. I use opt-in lists that mail to my clients who have agreed to recieve messages from me. They are advised to add our e-mail to their list of saved senders for this very reason.

    Frankly I’m not all that concerned if the latest net-chain-letter gets eaten by my spam filter because it has a bcc formatted address and doesn’t match anything in my safe list. That’s why I have an e-mail filter in the first place. -R

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