Good Bye, Old Friend

jumbotron3A while back I did some animation training in NC for the Carolina Hurricanes. No – not the hockey players – the animation team that puts all of the cool stuff up on screen at the games.

During that 3 day period, I came up with the Jumbotron Tutorial.

Alas, my good friend the JumboTron is moving to that obsolete technology hole in the sky, to be replaced by HD equipment with a resolution higher than 320 x 240 pixels. You can read about the Hurricanes HD conversion here.

Join me in wishing Canes’ JumboTron farewell. Good by, old friend. We had fun together, but it’s time to move on. We both knew it couldn’t last.

4 thoughts on “Good Bye, Old Friend”

  1. Ah yes! I remember that tutorial well. I was just starting to really get into this MoGraph stuff at the time. Actually my favorite part of it was the title card. The color blue you chose and the the font with the vignette. Something about that intrigued me. I attempted a replication with Apple Motion (my more comfortable tool at the time) and it came out pretty good. We will miss ye JUMBOTRON.

  2. A favorite tutorial of mine. I used many of the techniques to make the animated screens in my Bladerunner 2009 scene (first scene on my reel).

  3. Progress marches onward. When they have a holodeck, I’ll be impressed.

    BTW, you’re tutorial was invaluable in producing a similar simulation for the Godzillatron screen at Darrell K. Royal Stadium in Austin (134 feet by 55 feet, with 2K HD output). It is supposed to be around the third or fourth largest in the world, but they are building bigger one’s all the time.

  4. And keep that Cam Ward figurine handy when the Canes win the cup in 2010!

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    You artistry was noticed by the multitudes of fans who attended the games at the RBC Center. Good work!

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