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Hi folks –

I just got turned on to a great site – – The site belongs to Nick Campbell, a photographer and very talented motion graphics artist. You can see his reel here.

Nick also creates tutorials, but what makes him stand out is his helping others to find inspiration through themselves. He runs a contest every few weeks called Five-Second Project, where you have to create a 5-second animation based on a phrase or idea that he throws out there. Not all, or even most, of the work produced in each contest is fantastic, but there are always a few really inspirational pieces submitted. His latest contest is called “Kick the Bucket” and you can find it here.

You see a lot of tutorials out there (my own included) whose results people often mimic without changing in the slightest. And that’s cool, if it helps you pay the bills. But a contest like this, with just a spark for an idea, can really help people bring out their own creativity, and take their work to the next level.

Way to go Nick!

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  1. about a month ago i came across his site and love it. ever since i been checking it out almost daily. definitely top notch

  2. hey cool tutorials man .. way to go… ahron .. just wondering what the name “” has to with such a gr8 site for cool free video tutorials.. impressed by crowd control … 45000 clips … What! you got a new algorithm to key videos …

  3. Hi Joel – All Bets Are Off Productions is the name of my animation production company. While it still exists, we’re pretty selective about the work we take – Only because these days we’re spending most of our time developing products like Crowd Control and other stuff (which you’ll be hearing about soon)

    And – no special algorithm for Keying – just a lot of work keying by a team of roto/keying artists.

    By the way, All Bets Are Off is named after a Play I wrote in College about guys who get involved in a gambling scheme… That’s where the name comes from.

  4. Amazing!!! that must be a “LOT” of work… (i feel strained out while keying a 10 seconds video -.-) .

    Technical Question: But being a college student/web designer most of my GFX work is related to websites, most of the effects relating to particles (particular and cc particle world) give wierd edges when imported into flash (in .flv with encode alpha channel checked)..

    ps: Trapcodes Particular 2 thats like xmas come early 😀 oh and nick campbell’s reel is inspirational (neutrons animations just blew me off!)

  5. joel I use alternative encoders like sorenson squeese. to encode after effects renders and never had problem with particles. you can also directly encode from within after effects but i wouldn’t recommend it.

    also Aharon’s “internet killed the video star” DVD helped me a lot understanding the encoding and compressing videos. the DVD was eye opening and Aharon was really trying to be funny.

  6. Joel – render with Alpha channel, but as a straight Render. This should solve your problem. If you don;t know about Straight Renders, I have a short tutorial called “Straight Vs. Premultiplied” here at my site. just use the search bar in the upper right corner of the site to find it.

  7. Yesss Straight render fixed the “black fringes” around the particles :D..Thanks a LOT Ahron ( AFX Guru)

    Thanks a LOT Ahron ( AFX Guru)

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