New Ad for Crowd Control


Just completed a marathon animation run to complete this 30-second commercial for Crowd Control. I did it in After Effects in under 2 days, pretty much from scratch.


Believe it or not I spent more time on that logo build than on any other single section. Tried so many different things… With the exception of Knoll Light Factory for the flare, it was done with no 3rd party plug- ins. Really simple – Just animated the outline of the text moving in 3D space in a separate comp, and then brought it into my main comp, and applied the Echo effect (watch this tutorial for more info). I did some color change to the white text over the course of time (from cyan to white) that the text is moving in 3D space, because the white echoes were too intense, and I think it worked out really nicely. Leaves a really interesting trail.

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