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Ocean Water Effect

By Aharon Rabinowitz
June 30, 2009

In this presentation, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create this ocean scene in Adobe After Effects with only the tools found in AE – No 3rd-party plug-ins were used. He’ll also introduce you to a cool plug-in for creating realistic water. This was part of a presentation he gave on June 25, 2009 at After Effects New York.

Note from Aharon: This is not exactly a polished tutorial. The presentation I gave at AENY was not captured well, so I just sat down in front of my PC and re-recorded it straight through. There is no editing or audio cleanup here. Also, I drank  a bottle of something called Soju about 15 minutes before I did it. I bet you won’t even be able to tell… mostly.

30 Responses

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  1. Great tutorial.

    I don’t know why, but I like this “just-on-notes-based tutorial” even better than the regular ones.

  2. Loay said

    It’s Okay Aharon
    You’re very neat guy, Take it easy man :)
    BTW………Great tutorial ;)

  3. Eddie said

    Superb result, it would look great as an arctic/sand desert or something, of course with evolution removed.
    Good work.

  4. Kinda reminds me of a Video Copilot tutorial from a while back.

    Cool stuff :D

  5. Anil said

    Superb, Awesome Sir

  6. Mark said

    Very good tutorial, but I recommend sticking with the scripted style (and laying off the soju). Scripting (and sobriety) keeps you and us from being distracted by, how should I say it, any meandering thoughts, thus helping us focus on the information being presented. Thanks for the great ideas and techniques.

  7. William Cannavaro said

    The most important thing of your work is your amazing
    way of speak.
    That makes you one of my favorite teachers.
    Congratulations Aharon.

  8. jim hines said

    What I found very useful in observing your workflow in this tutorial was that it made it quite clear why you would Pre-Comp something. This has been an area of some confusion for me but this lesson helps to smooth it out. Good stuff.

  9. Thanks Aharon, really enjoyable. I particularly liked the CC RepeTile trick – nifty.

  10. I *think* the CC repetile trick was given to me by Eran Stern. It’s been so long since I first encountered the problem – but I’m pretty sure it was Eran.

  11. illd said

    Perfect tutorial even without a script it was great to watch and learn.
    CC Glas is a really underated AE plugin

  12. aries said

    Hi,master,I am a student from china..Wached your tutorials, My heart is too full for words.

  13. excessID said

    hay u know that u are famous here in Pakistan too?

  14. excessID – I didn’t know I was famous anywhere – but glad to know someone enjoys my stuff!

  15. yes sir. we like very much u. i’m with after effects more than 1.5years. i’m glad to say, you are my first teacher of AE. thanx a lot sir. first i got u from

    so nw i had lots of stuff in AE. i thaught u are the reason. your lecturing style is very good sir. thanx again sir. nw i hv a web of mine.

    i dndt hv any tutorials in ma web. but you can see my works there.

    thanx a lot sir. this is a great tutorial of u. wish u all the best.

    good luck sir……..

  16. costas said

    amazing. keep up the good work!!!

  17. Thanks Aharon!
    That water looked brilliant.

  18. Matthew said

    Hey Aharon do you know of any way to make a water effect as seen in this video? if posable please RSVP I need it for a project i’m working on. Thanks

  19. What video? I show you how to make the effect in the tutorial.

  20. Matthew said

    Oh sorry I meant to say this video –

  21. I;d say it uses a combination of displacement maps, Fractal Noise and CC Wave World. I’m on vacation so I can’t sit down and tell you for sure, but I am pretty sure it can be done in AE with those effects.

  22. Matthew said

    Wow thanks! I’ll give that a try. any other tips for creating realistic water in AE?

    PS thanks for responding so quick ;)

  23. Vasiliy said

    Thanks! Great tutorial. And as usual it brings a lot of side ideas to think about

  24. actually i loved this tutorial so much and it’s very useful for me , thank you so much Aharon for the great stuff like this :D

  25. marius said

    Because of my bad english, I tell you in universal leaguaje: clap, clap, clap, …
    Great. Thanks a lot.

  26. Miss Puppy said

    Great Wrok Andrew!

  27. Dennis said

    I found a few days ago your website. Great tutorial, especially this one, and I really like the way you explain things, even if it’s only with your notes ;-)

  28. thanks, this is cool and effective tutorial

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