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It may or may not surprise you, but I get a lot of “thank you” mail – over a hundred a month. And on days where I’m feeling bad about myself or unmotivated, I go through some of those emails to remind me why I do all of this.

Some of the people that have thanked me for helping them to create their content:

  • Jewish folk (my bro’s)
  • Members of the Arab Community
  • Church Groups
  • Members of the Gay community
  • The Star Wars Kid (OK, I made that one up)
  • Regular average Joe’s trying to learn animation

In fact, they come in pretty much accross the board, from people of virtually every ethnicity, religious beliefe, and orientation.

I also receive a small amount of hate mail from people for various reasons. They have come from:

  • Jewish folk (my bro’s)
  • Members of the Arab Community
  • Church Groups
  • Members of the Gay community
  • Regular average Joes trying to learn animation, and who don’t want to sit through my jokes.

I wish I were kidding, but I’m not. May favorite thing about it is that often the letters begin with: “I’ve followed you for years and you’ve helped me so much…” and then devolves into something like “…but you said something in a tutorial/allowed a comments on your site… etc., and now I’ve contacted an activist group who you can expect to hear from.”

So let me be clear about my stance on the whole Anti-anybody thing… I have zero tolerance for hate, and do not support the maligning of others. Period. This is a site for learning, and growing. Even the license for Crowd Control has some pretty heavy strictures on using the footage for hateful purposes, including maligning the multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-oriented cast, as well as the general public.

At the same time, as an American, I support the right to free speech. And I won’t let a few people looking for a fight stop me from doing what I love to do. I have Zero Tolerance for people that try to take away my rights by bullying me into doing something they want me to do or say.

That said, my goal is to create a website where all people feel welcome. If I ever say or do something you find offensive, or something on this site upsets you, why don’t you contact me first? If you’ve trusted me all these years to help you in growing your skills and your business, and you feel you know me through my tutorials, why not give me the benefit of the doubt, and talk to me first?

While I have zero tolerance for bullying you’ll be surprised how receptive I can be to a reasonable request.

On the other hand, here’s an email I got from some A-hole:

“Is this the reason Aharon Rabinowitz started releasing tutorials on after effects because his work fu–g blows? I think so judging from that hilarious reel.

How are you even surviving in NY? PS> terrible site….is it 1997?”

Ouch. Now that hurt.

26 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance”

  1. AR – just keep doing what you do! I’m sorry to hear that people really send bad emails and have aweful comments. It’s like momma used to say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    You rock dude! Those jokers hide behind the internet…I doubt someone would say it to your face. (…well it’s possible, I guess..there are some looney tunes out there) My point is you are a valuable member to the AE community and I appreciate everything you do and the content you provide. We all have bad days once in a while and some more then others…it’s cool you have a blog site to vent….keep up the good work!

  2. Keep up the good work and thanks!

    Unfortunately, the comments section is a great vehicle for unsuccessful people to vent out their insecurities. It always says a lot more about them than you.

  3. Hey Aharon,

    Fish is absolutely right : you must continue doing what you love (isn’t that what we live for ?!)
    I’ve started After Effects, and Visual FX more generaly three years ago thanks to CreativeCow, I’ve gone doing the simple fade in-fade out boring job.

    This is thanks to people like you – with their great websites – that we have the opportunity to make better with fewer. And you actually do that for free. So how the heck can people say crap like that !

    Man I’ve seen AENY pictures and you guys form a great community, that sould never be broken.

    Your tutorials are amazing, thank you so much !
    And think that it is thanks to you that you’ve launched so many persons in the VFX industry.

  4. Aharon,

    I have been following your work for years and I appreciate your unique approach to motion graphics, humor and all. Taking the time to teach others is an incredibly generous thing to be about. It would be interesting to see some of your critics try to do the same. I’m pretty confident in what the result would be.

    Thanks for all you do.

  5. I hate when people do that! Err… Sorry, Aharon. Keep it up though!

    I like these tutorials as much as Video Copilot’s. I even added it to my RocketDock!

    Keep it up please…!

  6. I hope you understand that the majority of users of this website appreciate your hardwork and efforts, and are hear to learn and discover. I myself am here for that very reason. Its a shame to hear that some feel the need to vent any frustration on to this website, and in turn, on to you.

    No doubt you will feel it is a personal insult, as you have put so much effort into the site, but as i said earlier, generally this commmunity thinks your a very cool, and great guy.

    Look on the bright side, YouTube is worst for hate.


  7. Keep it up Aharon… just like Andrew, you guys are awesome, if someone does not appreciate what you do for everyone here, then, sorry for them, but i can guarantee that you have the support of much more people. This said, if you enjoy your work, and on the side, you are actually helping a lot of us, you’re doing fine…..

    Fernando A. from Costa Rica.

  8. It’s a sad person who has to send Aharon anything but a big huge thanks. But that last letter puts it into perspective: critics like that are just armchair-designers with bad attitudes…

  9. Teaching / learning is hard work. You make it look easy to do.

    These h8rs obviously haven’t tried either. Keep up your great lessons. You’ve taught us so much already, I’m sure it’s jealousy that caused any h8 mail. Don’t listen to it.

    They really need you back on CreativeCow podcast tho… maybe a heartbroken follwer is h8’n on ya.

    Keep em comin’.

  10. You know your awesome..we know your awesome…forget what the small minority think there just haters.

    We appericate your hard work and will continue coming to the site 😀

    Keep up the good work

  11. hate is so ugly and i never understand the energy behind it. please know you are appreciated by so many people that will never comment on your site. thanks so much for all that you do.

  12. this is one of the best blogs I’ve read on any site. your right on all aspects and i applaud you for saying it.
    keep up the great tutorials, they help a lot and i love recommending this site to people!

  13. Your work is awesome Aharon and so are you.

    Best wishes, (now from Atlanta)

    jim hines

  14. It’s not 1997…that guy is so dumb….point for Andrew.

    Just joking great site you have great skills in teaching and applied skills. If you didnt understand both the 1997 and Andrew comment were jokes I know your name is Erin……………….Aharon. If you know anyone who is hiring a comic in New York….over look me please.

  15. Don’t pay attention to this guys because the send mails and don’t care about it.
    I mean they don’t send it for Criticism or something……..actually, I don’t know why they do this.
    But what I know very well is you are the funniest and Most creative Motion Graphic artist I’ve ever seen.
    I really don’t know you because I’m talking from Egypt>Africa but I love your tutorials, keep up with it thrice a week !!!

    Finally, What really matters is you have Thousands (I’m not exaggerating) of fans around the world who all loves you. If I were you, I’d be proud of myself !!!

    Keep it Up and don’t pay attention to destructive criticism.

  16. Hi, Mr Rabinowitz you got a whole community backing you up and I can understand that …Don´t worry; be happy, is easy to say but hard to realize. So keep up the darn good job you´ve been doing so far and you know opinions are like a..holes everyone has one. Bye

  17. I’m sorry to hear people are being this way to you. I think you should just keep up the great work you are doing! It’s always great to see a new tutorial from you. And i want to thank you for taking the time to help me and everyone else! THANKS!

  18. Hi Aharon,

    Well you see the problem is that being Good Looking,
    Intelligent and wealthy leads to the tall poppy syndrome.

    I think the only mistake you made here was in biteing
    back and giving them air time.

    Try This:

    Email: “Dear Mr. #anker”


    Enjoy….. And Repeat.

  19. Martin – and yet, I’m 0 for 3 and still getting crap from them. Any time these people have the courage to use real addresses, I’ll respond directly. For now, I’m just reaching out to the people that visit this site, and giving them an understanding of what we at All Bets Are Off Productions are about, and what we deal with in bringing you content.

    Thanks to all for the support!

  20. Don’t pay attention on those comments.
    those are frustated peoples who didn’t achieved anything in thier life. and they are simply jealous.
    Keep up the good work!
    You are the best!

  21. Aharon, you are very good at what you’re doing…your tuts are very
    clear and precise. Keep up the good work and ignore the thin skinned cry babies who are offended by everything but offer
    nothing but their criticism while getting something for free. I usually don’t leave messages but this time…

  22. Aharon, we first “met” back in the early days of RuntimeDNA. You and I are perhaps as different in terms of political, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and personal history as any two people can be. Yet I am proud to consider you my friend and deeply respect not just the skill and creativity of your work, but your generosity and humor in spreading the wealth around. I am so very pleased you have found the success you have since those early days.

    Now I’m sure the butthead was commenting on my flying car, so send me his address, and I’ll go get medieval on his hind quarters.


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