50% off Crowd Control

In honor of Harry Frank’s Particular 2 crowd scene tutorial, we’re giving 50% off Crowd Control so that you can re-create the effect.

UPDATE: The sale is over.

Use the code “particular2” when purchasing credits, and get half off the price.

BTW – these are the 5 clips Harry used:

(That’s right –  this entire crowd was created using ONLY 5 Crowd Control clips)

2 thoughts on “50% off Crowd Control”

  1. Thanks for the 50% off offer! I tried to buy some more credits today (7/28) with this half off code….but unfortunately it didn’t work. I guess I am too late?
    Great tutorial and use of Crowd Control.

  2. oops! My Bad…..lol….I just watched the tutorial end again and you clearly list the range of 50% off dates AR

    wow, I am such a snoozer….so I miss out this time.

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