12 thoughts on “After Effects and Tron 1.0”

  1. nice it is a cool way for a subway would like to see how you can achive thant and wondering if we can make more than two lines lets say showing the grid of underground subway systerm like in London with the photos of landmark when the train aproches that stop hey we can do it for New York if not London yeh cool thanks i will be visiting to see if it can become reallity peace sid here from Toronto Canada. your big fan

  2. Hey this looks pretty nice! I really should watch the movie again as should everyone else in preparation for the new one 😀 I’d absolutly love to see a tutorial for it.

  3. Oh yes! Please make that tutorial. Can it be done using stock AE effects?

    I was working in a video game parlor at the mall when Tron was first released. I love it, my kids love it, my wife loves it. I don’t go out to the theatre to see movies very often but this new Tron might get me out there. [Defender is the best arcade game ever BTW]

  4. I’ve been wanting to play around with some Tron-style live action shots. When it came out on DVD with all the making of footage I thought, wow that would be so much easier to do now. But of course I haven’t done anything with it. #lazyeditor

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