Eran Stern: Blast from the Past

eran_dvdA few days ago, my copy of “A New Solid” by Eran Stern arrived in the mail. It’s his new training DVD which includes nearly 8 hours of training. It includes all of his tutorials from the Creative Cow After Effects Podcast (including the project files), plus 2 hours of new training, unavailable anywhere else – my favorite of which was the one called Wormhole Jumper – essentially, a how-to for creating the look seen in the sci-fi show, Sliders.

The DVD is full of great techniques and tips.  But of course that’s what I expected from Eran. In general, his tutorials are always educationally sound and good fun – that’s why he was one of very few people I asked to contribute to the AE podcast back when I was a part of it. I strongly recommend you check out his stuff at Creative Cow (including his other DVD, Motion Design With Adobe After Effects).

OK – enough about Eran… Let’s make this about me…

As if thinking about the AE podcast and Sliders weren’t enough of a blast from the past, in the DVD Eran also pulled out an AE template project –  a DVD menu called Fantasy Sky. Not many people know this, but, along with Steve Holmes,  I actually designed that template, and many others that shipped with AE. So much has happened since then, that I honestly forgot about the project. Seeing them was almost a shock. But hey – love ’em or hate ’em (or more likely, just ambivalent about ’em) here’s a walk down memory lane – just some of what Steve and I came up with together…

Click Image to watch video.
Click Image to watch video.

7 thoughts on “Eran Stern: Blast from the Past”

  1. Aharon,
    Are those templates that you and Steve Holmes still available? You mentioned they shipped with AE. I have 6.5 still, so how do I find them.
    John Rich

  2. The templates always make me wonder why I even bother to try and design – LOL – : -)

    The temps can be found in your ae folder>support files>templates

  3. Dear Aharon, I am one of the guys in the world who have been following your podcasts, and changed his life, I am trying to be a motionograp[her I am inolving in local movies as visual effects .
    I live in Ethiopia/Africa, but I have been fascinated by motionography since Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix…..
    but I am living in Ethiopia…no school to teach..
    Thanks to creative cow, especially for you and Eran Stern, I am able to handle After Effects, Dear Aharon I wanna grow more in this Cinematography/motionography/Visual effects, I wanna learn demoltion/flooding a town and so more advanced effects.
    So would you please guide me how to find advanced education in the world, especially scholarships,
    I am a Disney freak dying for this dream, and I will always thankyou
    I hope you will respond to me
    Regards, Josey

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