Particular 2 Presentation + Tutorial

AENY Aharon Rabinowitz introduces the new features of Trapcode Particular 2 from AENY on Vimeo.

On June 25, 2009, I gave a presentation at After Effects New York on Red Giant’s Software’s Trapcode Particular 2 (not yet released). It included a 20 minute overview of some of the new features, as well as a 20 minute Particular/Particular 2 tutorial on compositing particles in 3D space with camera motion. You can watch it by clicking on the above embedded video.

As always, thanks to my buddy and AENY partner-in-crime, Jim Geduldick, for his hard work and web coverage of our group.

13 thoughts on “Particular 2 Presentation + Tutorial”

  1. hey aharon 🙂
    damn good job 🙂
    heheeh i really like..i really cant wait to get a hold on trapcode particular 🙂
    hehhehe i love ur site 🙂
    God bless and keep up the good work

  2. Aharon, its amazing!!!

    Untill today I thought the way to make particles to be in front and back of a layer was the old one: using masks where I wanted it to be in the back. With expressions it just got much easier and dinamic. Thanks for the illumination!

  3. Excellent Tut Andrew! I like when you loosen it up a bit!
    J/K Aharon I think this one was pretty great!

  4. Ray – you have 4 options:

    1. Go to the actual Vimeo page to watch it there
    2. Make it full screen using the full screen button in the player controls
    3. Contract the edges of your browser so that you only see the video… or….
    4. Get a sticky note, or some paper with scotch tape, and place it over the part of your screen you want hidden

    I’d go for #4 because it combines the least efficient viewing method, with the highest cost for time and resources.

  5. Thanks for the front and back particle expression that was very heplful. Now just attach a light to the same path as your null and the source will get illuminated as the particles pass by, looks awesome!

  6. I don’t think it was a white whale. Maybe it was a rabbit’s foot. That would make more sense. Since that’s also a lucky charm

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