RGTV Ep. 23: Peel-Away Vortex Transition

In this episode of Red Giant TV, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create an insanely cool transition for text and other elements. This tutorial builds on RGTV Episode 21, where Aharon covered a text-to-sand transition, so make sure to check it out.

40 thoughts on “RGTV Ep. 23: Peel-Away Vortex Transition”

  1. great tut thanz aharon iv learned alot from your tuts you realy go into detail and details count thanz alot

  2. In the tutorial, when you rendered out the two different form elements, is there a reason why you didn’t render them out as proxies?

  3. Another great tut. I have to agree that your explaining helps, is detailed and easy to understand. I’ll find great uses for this. On a side note, I’m getting kinda tired of people talking crap about who’s better at this or that. I think that you along with the other people that have first names that start with “A” or the letter “E” that I watch all have something to offer, are knowledgeable, and creative. Sure we can argue about who’s the funniest but I was wondering if these fan boys get on your nerves because I’m not you and they get on mine. I enjoyed this tut and can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Angel – I’m right there with you. I have one goal when I do this, and that’s to be the most famous… uh… I mean… uh to help educate.

    Seriously, well said. I’ll leave it at that, but… yeah.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love hearing from people about how my work has helped them, so keep the comments coming. But this isn’t a competition. I have a tremendous respect for what my colleagues (and friends), like John Dickinson, Harry Frank, Eran Stern, Andrew Kramer, and Mataannon (to name a few), are doing. I watch their stuff.

  5. Man… you are real smooth with your presentation (teachings), and your After Effects knowledge is tremendous.

    Great tutorial! Great Explaination… I’ve got a question. For a newbie what is the best way to learn the basics of After Effect? Just the basics… I need to prepare powerpoint like presentations for a group of hearing impaired students that I teach. And I would like to use After Effects.

    I am very limited with Powerpoint and I want to animate the text more so that they can get a really good visual of the point that I’m trying to get across. I don’t even need images, just text. I do know that there are presets in AE but I’m so new that, it takes me forever to animate one line of text.

    Where can I get up to speed the fastest, or which plug-in would you recommend for text only, that’ll make my life a whole lot easier. Thank you sir.

  6. I am a Software Project Manager nothing to do with Graphics but I am learning for my passion.

    I agree with Angel, for me what I like about you, Andrew, Eran, Maltaanon is the willingness to teach and share your ideas for the benefit of noob’s like me. I don’t know how others feel but I feel very touched.

    Sorry I haven’t bought any of your products to show my support, but once I start my Firm, thatz the first on my agenda.

    Great work Aharon!

  7. Brian – For text animation plug-ins, check out Zaxwerks Pro-Animator or 3D invigorator (http://www.zaxwerks.com) and Red Giant Software Text Anarchy (http://redgiantsoftware.com) but be aware that you can do a ton in just AE. I have a few tutorials on my site on text – http://allbetsareoff.com/category/tutorials/text/ – Videocopilot.net, and motionworks.com.au, and graymachine.com, maltaannon.com, creativecow.net all have some tutorials that cover text treatments.

  8. Well done Aharon! you just made A.K.’s one hour Procedural desintegration tut obsolete 🙂 And whats wrong with a little competition?, if anything I think its good motivation for evolving
    and getting better and better. I compete with my friends all the time, and at the end of the day we all have a laugh

  9. Aharon Rabinowitz . I’m looking for The Fusion of Adobe After Effects and wondertouch particleIllusion Ver2 but seem You wouldn’t make the second Disc. And this tutorial . SO nice

  10. btw aharon it would be nice if you could put a link to the creative cow forums or add a links tab in navigation with links to cool AE websites . (kinda easy to switch between the cool AE sites)

  11. Ghoster – The original plan was to make a volume 2 for pIllusion when the new version or pIllusionAE came out. But, ParticleIllusion hasn’t really changed too much since I made the DVD a few years ago, so there really wasn’t much point. At this point it’s safe to say that I won’t be making it, alas. Still a great product though.

  12. “you just made A.K.’s one hour Procedural desintegration tut obsolete”

    Not at all. He uses only plug-ins found in AE and it’s a profoundly different effect. I think it’s one of his most interesting ones too. But I think this is also one of mine – and I hope it helps people.

  13. hello Aharon, i love ur tuts. Although i wish u can do some tuts on color correction or a cinematic look one. I work on halo 3 montage and stuff like that helps. Point is that i enjoys ur tuts and they helped me archive a lot.

  14. hey Aharon, can i have your aim (i’m working on a big project and need help). Is there a tut that can help me on keying out on videos.

  15. HI Aharon
    Just wanted to thank you for going out of your way to provide tutorials. In this day and age of “pay for everything” you and a couple of other are willing to share without expectations of anything in return. Plus…your style is funny and easy to follow!!

  16. can’t view this tutorial for some odd reason. it downloads about 800kb of it then it asks me to replay?? You might wanna look into it. I tried IE8, FF3, Chrome… none worked 🙁

  17. Hey Aharon, thanks alot buddy… You saved my ass with this last night. I had about an hour to create a logo reveal and this was just the ticket, really straight forward and a great result. I’d already done a 14 hour day so my brain worked just enough to follow this, that says a lot given my brain… Thanks again.

  18. Hello Aharon, thank you very much for your tutorials, people at work are really pleased with me thanks to my progress (and it’s thanks to your tutorials).
    By the way, I was watching this tutorial at CreativeCow and it crashes. Dont know the exact time, but it is about when you’re applying the “Knoll Light Factory” effect to a solid called “Flare”. I think it’s about 10 minutes, 10-15 seconds. The video seems to end, and the buttons of “Play again” etc.. appear. I’ve been able to watch it here, but I’d like to let you know that, so you can fix it if you want.
    Again, thank you very much!!!

    Ps-> sorry about my bad bad english 😉

  19. your tutorials are really very gr8 & easy to acheive the gr8 effects, explanation is very good thanks for these tutorials ….

  20. Aharon, as a tinkerer your tutorials are fantastic! I learn leaps and bounds, and they give me the bump to keep learning new stuff. One question about the peel away, and Light Factory. I want to create a peel away style title, yet make it transparent so I can lay it on top of a live action background. Can the “Flare” solid be transparent, as that seems to be the one putting down a black background over the whole comp. Thanks, Sean

  21. Aharon, Thanks for the suggestions. I had looked at both of the tutorials already, and tried Straight renders. Still getting the black background. Tried remove color matte after the render and no luck. When in the project, I can toggle the transparency on and off for the Sparks and Strings properties, yet toggling the Flare layer doesn’t work. Even tried remove color matte on the Flare layer. It seems the black background I selected for the Flare layer doesn’t not want to go quietly! Anyways, my title is a text painted in three shades of purple and looks incredible all crackling around on the black background! I’m sure there is something I did, or in some order that is making the comp keep that black solid. Since I’m just dipping my toes into these waters, I’m still groping in the dark…though with some nice effects to keep me company. If you think of something I may have done in the comp, or have any other suggestions that would be great. And thanks again for all the great lessons, you have a wonderful delivery. And send some of that snow upstate!
    – Sean

  22. Yes Aharon, all roads lead back to you! Your Preserve Transparency tutorial solved that problem, in about five seconds! Thanks again for all the great scoops. Some day I will snatch the pebble from your hand…

  23. Just to post the working fix. Preserve Transparency took away the background, but also mutated the look, taking away the halo glow and bluish stripe. Knoll Unmult was the effect that kept all the attributes and allowed a transparent render. Looks fantastic, and learned many new tricks in the process.

  24. That was brilliant! I’m sure a 10 year old can follow those steps with such great results. I’ve made mine 720p and rendering is very long so I’m trying out your tenique of rendering the forms out first then applying the effects and I guess to move those effects to the original form for the final render. Thanks for taking the time to teach us!

  25. hi, aharon i like this tut, can you provide me some guidiance ab out how to do matchmoving in after effect

  26. Hi,
    Arahon you are the best in making tutorials like Andrew Kramer. I watched his some tutorials and compare that with yours so the difference is not too much.
    I really like your tutorials. thanks for making such a good tutorials.
    Thanks Alot

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