The NY Yankees and Mets Call in Crowd Control

I have founded my career and reputation on helping people. When we built the Crowd Control Library of Pre-keyd Alphastock Footage, it was an extension of that. It’s not something we can give away for free (except that we do), but we’ve tried our best to make it easy to buy and use so that you don’t have to spend gobs of money to get your project done. When we’re able to help people that way, it means we’ve done our job. Here’s an example:

Click image to watch video. Take notice of the paint dripping down in the BG. Nice touch.

Recently the CW Network had to promote the annual Subway Series between the New York Yankees and Mets – the were under a tight deadline and the Creative Services Director wanted an entirely new look from the one they used last year – This look would be used for bumps & endpages, and they wanted live action in the mix. The problem: the project budget didn’t allow for filming actors. What to do?

Well, Steve Midas at WPIX-11 (the CW affiliate here in NY) reached out to us for help.  They had previously purchased green screen clips from other companies  and had been burned by bad quality and high prices. Then they found us, and they knew thery could get the project done.

Creative Services Director John Zeigler & Producer Bill Kirschbaum also worked on the project which used both After Effects and Cinema 4D for the BG.

About Crowd Control, Steve says: “It’s an extensive library of almost any subject, the quality is great, & the people come with an alpha, that’s huge….and compared to other companies, they’re not even expensive, Crowd Control’s HD file is almost half of what of stock companies charge…”

Way to go guys! We hope you’ve hit a home run with this one. Glad we could lend a hand.

3 thoughts on “The NY Yankees and Mets Call in Crowd Control”

  1. Cool spot – every time I see Crowd Control in action it gives me another idea on how I can use it for my own projects.

    AR – you certainly have given your share of help to the AE community . You are an inspiration, thanks!

  2. Aharon, Your are really helpful
    Thanks for all what you’ve done (and still doing) to After Effects world.

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