Tron Legacy is Coming!

Damn! This trailer for Tron Legacy (AKA Tron 2.0) was released a few days ago, and I was too busy to notice. Why didn’t any of you tell me?!

This is the sequal to a movie that got a generation of people buying computers, frisbees, and hockey equipment all at once (or was it just me?). How many other films can claim that?

In this era where everyone owns a computer and understands that there are no littleĀ  people inside of them*, what I always tell someone who is watching Tron for the first time is – take everything you know about computers and put it aside. Maybe wrap it up tightly somewhere. Just watch the movie and enjoy it for the ground-breaking work it is.

Although, I do wonder how thier going to explain the people in the computers this time. And are the Mac people cooler then Windows people in there? And what about the hoboes living in a Linux box?

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. So are these guys, I’m guessing:

*Kids excluded. My brother in law was visiting from LA, and he was talking to my 5-year old niece over skype. When the picture cut out she said: “Daddy?! Daddy?! Are you in there?!

One thought on “Tron Legacy is Coming!”

  1. Can wait for this movie! Tron was the movie that made me wanted to go into film. There are other Sci-Fy movies that are incrdibly huge, but TRON just was the one who push me over the edge.

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