It’s All About Me

Some guy I met while traveling through time. I think I was in Ireland. It might of been Staten Island. Pretty much the same thing. Definitely an Island.

People are always emailing me all sorts of questions – some of them a bit wierd and inappropriate, but most are more about my history – how I got started, some of the work I’ve done, any advice I might have…etc.… Read more...

Crowd Control Kicks Off the Teen Choice Awards

Click here to see the video.

Recently, our friend Harry Frank, of, used Crowd Control to kick off Fox’s Teen Choice Awards.

You can see the clip being used right here, in the first few seconds. Yes, that vector-like artwork is actually a video clip that Harry manipulated in Adobe After Effects to work with the color palette and style of the project.… Read more...

After Effects New York – August

Last week we had our 25th meeting of After Effects New York. I’ll say this with out hyperbole – it was awesome!

First up was Mixtape Club. –

Too technical for the arts, too creative for the sciences; Chris Smith, Jesse Casey, and Michelle Higa knew they had to work together as soon as they met at Brown University.… Read more...