After Effects New York – August

Last week we had our 25th meeting of After Effects New York. I’ll say this with out hyperbole – it was awesome!

First up was Mixtape Club. –

Too technical for the arts, too creative for the sciences; Chris Smith, Jesse Casey, and Michelle Higa knew they had to work together as soon as they met at Brown University. They funneled their collective love of music, computer science and semiotics into the world of animation, and Mixtape Club was born.

They showed us some really cool music videos they had done, and broke down some of the extremely advanced After Effects comping they did. A lot of powerful expressions were used to create their work, but also a lot of simple techniques applied in a really ingenious way. I really enjoyed it.

Next up was Florian Witzel –

Born in Germany , but now a New York City based Director, Designer and Computer Graphics Artist, He joined the highly creative team at Psyop NYC in 2004, where he currently works as 3D Lead and Technical Director.

The bi-costal studio Psyop is an award-winning provider of design based 3D animation, innovative visual effects and digital content. This is the 3rd time we’ve had Psyop team members over at AENY, and we keep bringing them, in for good reason. Honestly, after seeing the stuff Psyop does I  feel both charged and inspired to try harder, and depressed that I’ll never produce work as good as theirs. Still fun to try.

Finally, I got to show off an unreleased plug-in from Red Giant Software called Magic Bullet Mojo, created by Stu Maschwitz. If you weren’t there… well, you’ll have to wait until it comes out to learn more. But I promise you will hear more soon.

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