Crowd Control Kicks Off the Teen Choice Awards

Click here to see the video.

Recently, our friend Harry Frank, of, used Crowd Control to kick off Fox’s Teen Choice Awards.

You can see the clip being used right here, in the first few seconds. Yes, that vector-like artwork is actually a video clip that Harry manipulated in Adobe After Effects to work with the color palette and style of the project.

We asked Harry how he did it, and this is what he told us:

  1. He started with this clip.
  2. Then he used Keylight to key out the bikini.(Effect > Keying > Keylight)
  3. Then, he inverted the alpha channel (Effect > Channel > Invert, set it to Alpha)
  4. Then he filled it with orange (Effect > Generate > Fill, set to orange)
  5. Brought in a duplicate of the original layer, and placed it below the orange layer.
  6. Filled the duplicate with brown (Effect > Generate > Fill, set to Brown)
  7. Tracked her face and added some illustrator artwork to have some flowing hair.

Thanks for the tip, Harry! Great work.

And don.t forget to check out Harry’s incredible tutorial on Creating a Crowd Scene with Particular 2.

3 thoughts on “Crowd Control Kicks Off the Teen Choice Awards”

  1. Very nice animation.

    Do you know how long it took them to bring the animation to life?

    Greetings from Swizerland and thanks for all the things I learned from you.

  2. That whole spot was really cool. Only problem is the Jonas Brothers weren’t up long enough. : – (

    Seriously though, the lower thirds with the movie real spinning and the film fowing out. What looked like surfer guy stills put together to make it look like he is spinning out. The 3d vector surf boards. And of course the awesomeness of the crowd control girl. Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to Tivo the live broadcast : – )

  3. Hey Simon. The whole project (all of the graphics for the broadcast including the open) took about 5 weeks. The opening itself was about about 2 weeks (finished the day before the taping because the celebrity list keeps changing.)

    The team was 1 art director, 2 animators including myself, and a jr designer, at Blur studio in Venice, CA.

    Also, I think this was the 9th year they’ve done this show, so the process is a well oiled machine.

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