It’s All About Me

Some guy I met while traveling through time. I think I was in Ireland. It might of been Staten Island. Pretty much the same thing. Definitely an Island.

People are always emailing me all sorts of questions – some of them a bit wierd and inappropriate, but most are more about my history – how I got started, some of the work I’ve done, any advice I might have…etc. There’s only so much time in the day, so I can’t often respond, or at least not in detail.

But hey, if you have questions – post them right here, and I’ll try to answer them in a video. They can be personal questions. I’m cool with that. I have a few rules though:

1. Don’t ask me After Effects questions (As in “How do I…?”)
2. Don’t ask me to reveal personal information about other people I know or work with.
3. Keep the questions clean.

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now…

50 thoughts on “It’s All About Me”

  1. Here’s a question: How do I take an alpha… – just kidding. If you could go back and change an aspect of your career (education / jobs) would you? If so what?

  2. Are you making good money with video tutorials? Is this something you think a guy (or gal) can be successful at, just making video tutorials for a living? I’m thinking of more than just AE tuts, things like Flash/Flex, etc.


  3. Do you watch other peoples tutorials or would that be like Brad Pitt reading a “Sex for Dummies” book?

  4. Ok, just saw the “Color Link” post and you started the post with “I just watched this tutorial by Eran Stern….” So I guess that answers my question… 🙂

  5. Hey Aharon
    (nice OVER ALL WORK! ladidadidah…. –> thx, no realy, THX!)

    My questions is more for beginners in the need to get the bayment for the next rent and to avoid discouts.

    Is that a question? No? Damit! (if u dont use it, you loose it – thats for my english!) Please make a answer anyways.

  6. Where were you before you were born?

    (alternate) – Is our civilization in a constant state of growth and advancement or are we in the early or late stages of decay?

    (third alternate) – Form or function? Which takes priority?

    (fourth alternate) Jello or pudding?

  7. I got this mole on my lower lip, but I’m male. Does that make me less or more attractive?
    Your input is greatly appreciated Andrew

  8. I was going to ask you for a tutorial about precomping, what are the two different kinds and why you should use them (and auto rasterizing) But I’ll skip that question. (see i asked without asking?!)

    I would like to know how you got into freelancing and how you became successful (and beloved by AE professionals everywhere).

    And if you and AndrewK fought who would win and what tools of destruction would you use in your friendly fight? I think the weapons should include one powertool, like a chainsaw, and an AE plug in. I think it is a question we have all wanted to ask but were to shy.

  9. I should first admit that I am in awe of your artistic and technical mastery. My question concerns your creative process.

    Do you create something with a specific goal in mind, knowing what effects to combine and how they will react with one another. Or do you add a little bit of this, and a little bit of that and see what happens?

    I’m curious because your work reflects both a technical expertise and an inspiring artistry.

    I really appreciate your generous sharing of your work, skill and talents.

    Best Regards…

  10. Aharon. Most big studios use autodesk flame/inferno/toxik for compositing cgi/live action – and the hw/sw is out of range of almost everyone. However, After Effects looks really out of place in this area and i’ve only seen okay jobs. The only other option is Nuke for compositing. Is this what you suggest? One can only create logos and dancing particles so much before one has to start creating monsters in zbrush and have them destroy cars. Thanks. And i loved your compression dvd. I’m so glad someone created that! Keep up the great work.

  11. Do you feel video tutorials are a good way to learn? Or do you feel that plenty of people end up painting the Mona Lisa by numbers? I love all the video tuts I can get my hands on. I just feel that with the introduction of the third party plug-ins I am not exploring the software enough. I love to follow all tuts….and I do. I guess what my real question is….how did/do you go about exploring a piece of software that is new to you?

  12. Do you do freelance work at all now? I tried to contact you to do something for pay and I could not get an answer. If so, how does one go about contacting you to hire you?

  13. Have you thought of starting your own school for extreme beginner level up to expert? Your teaching is so awesome and I would like to learn AE inside and out, along with a few other programs. If you had an internet training site I would certainly be willing to pay for your teaching to come up to your level. How bout it?

  14. Hi Aharon

    – How many years you are in the after effect world?
    – Have you been in a school, to achieve your knowledge (after effect, design, style, etc) or it’s all homemade?

    Thank you from Italy (of course, also for the tuts and tips you share with us), and sorry for my english 🙂

  15. Another question:

    when you want to create a design, you know what you looking for, or you try and try to get the look you want? (like a nice bluured particle background with colored text, etc)

    I usually need to try mooore times 🙁
    Thank you

  16. I thought I was doing really good when I bought CS2. When I opened the box, they already came out with CS3. And when I finished my first project, CS4 appeared. I would like for once to completely learn one software before throwing away the manuel to make room for the new manuel of the same software.

    Question: Will you still keep some of your older tuts around and available for us guys who mean well but don’t want to buy something new just because the software manufacture says so?

  17. I´d likte to here your 2cents on US-Troops in Afganistan. And 9/11 beeing suspected as a Staged assault.

    (I don´t want to call off an big discustion. But i wanna hear the opinion of an ´thinking´-American. I don´t mean this as a offence to anyone!)

  18. I would like to know your hardware setup. What are your views on the best way to get After Effects running and not crawling.

  19. The force field tutorial was the same effect in Halo 3. Did that inspire you? Are you a gamer? What’s your favorite video game?

  20. This is a general career question. If I have a steady paycheck, but am looking to get into bigger projects does it make sense to leave my current position if I have nothing lined up? I am debating moving to NYC to find work and I don’t know if it would look bad on a resume to leave a position with nothing waiting. Am I better off applying from my current position until I get something?

  21. I have several questions (sorry).
    (0.) Am I correct in assuming that there are many guys than girls that are into this kind of things you do? (if the answer to question 0 is NO, disregard questions 1-3 )
    (1.) Why do you think there are less women in this kind of career?
    (2.) Do you have a daughter?
    (3.) Lets assume you do, would you allow her to be a CGI artist and compete in this male dominated business?
    (4..) When are you gonna answer these questions posted? Thanks!!!

  22. i’ve been dying to ask this question for a really long time, but i always wanted to refrain from being “that guy:” how do you figure out how much to charge your clients? as a small time freelancer in miami, i usually end up working for clients who can’t afford major videos, but i always try to give them a high quality product. so i have a steady flow of low budget projects, but nothing that’s actually been lucrative. also, how long did it take you to become comfortable with charging for your services? thanks for all your time and help!

  23. What should we do if we have a product idea for you to improve crowd control immensely? Please advise
    You are the man!

  24. What do you think of magicians who sell out there magic tricks to the broad public? Do you ever feel like one of them?

  25. If the flux capacitor is overloading the oscillation overthruster should I bypass the quantum phase inverter or just leave the temporal reactors disconnected from the primary chromoplasmic rotor while I calibrate the translinear geometer relay?

    BTW, where’s the best place to buy time machine parts when you’re stranded in Jersey?

    In 1845?

    On a Sunday?

  26. Hello Aharon. This is the question: How to create cloning effect like “Come into my world” (Michele Gondry) or “Bloody Omaha” (bbc).

    heeeelppppp! my short film neeeedddd this efect!!!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seee death people!!!!!!

  27. here is are my questions:
    1) Whats your favorite style? and why?
    ex. stop motion, draw animation, 3D, 2D, colorful vectors, etc…???
    2) How your technical process on developing a new tutorial or something new that no one has seem before starts?
    3) Is there something you don’t know on AE that you will like to know?
    4) Did you think you can become a AE master without knowing expressions?

    thanks and I will be looking forward to hear your answers to all those good questions people are asking you in here.

  28. Hi Aharon,

    I started out a couple months ago looking at effects and trying bits and pieces and following what people are doing, and did I mention trying? Anyway, the question is:

    1. How do you deal with frustration?
    (cause for me, I get frustrated not knowing “how to” and need to do it NOW)

    2. Have you ever felt (when starting out) “Thats it, i’m packing this baby up and putting it away”? If so, what got you to carry on and get where you are now?


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