Motion Tracking and Stabilization in After Effects

If you’re doing any motion tracking or stabilization work, I strongly recommend you check out Pete O’Connell’s NEW Creative Cow training DVD: Motion Tracking and Stabilization in After Effects.

Pete previously did a fantastic training DVD called Advanced Rotoscoping Techniques for Adobe After Effects.

I could sit here and talk about how these DVD’s teach you valuable techniques, how they will save you time, and how they will change the way you do any of the tasks he covers – but instead, let me just say this:

Pete is a feature film compositor, and these are the techniques he has developed and used to create the highly convincing composites you’ve seen in films like Stranger Than Fiction, The Fountain, Just Like Heaven, Across the Universe, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, and the highly acclaimed Transporter 2.

I have never seen anyone work the way he does – it’s a very different methodology in dealing with the challenges you face in roto and tracking work. I’ve learned a lot from Pete’s training, and I know you will too.

3 thoughts on “Motion Tracking and Stabilization in After Effects”

  1. WOW! Even the videos for his disks didn’t convince me they’d be worth it, but that was one hell of a recommendation! I will be adding those to my purchase list. Tell Pete he owes you! Thanks, also, for the amazing disks you’ve put out as well as the years of free tutorials.

  2. I have to be honest with you – when he made his first DVD, my thought was – “great. a way to show me how to do something painful, a little less painfully.” But then I watched it (twice) and realized a lot of what I was spending hours on could be automated. it has helped me in a lot of my work.

    Oh, and BTW – while he sounds like such a quiet unassuming guy, Pete is actually a musician/singer. Not a lot of people know that. I asked him where he got the music for one of the songs on his first DVD, and he said “it’s from one of my albums.” I often find myself playing his song “Drunks and Police.”

  3. Absolutely! Before his first DVD tears would form in my eye’s every time our creative services director would ask for something I knew required rotoscoping. I would throw out a million and one alternative graphic ideas to keep me as far from roto as possible. After watching that first DVD however, roto no longer fills me with the desire to cry, scream and set myself on fire. It really was a lifesaver.

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