The iPhone 3GS as a Camera

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I know things have been quiet here, but I can promise you we’re working on some big stuff. But even I need a vacation once in a while – so me and the family headed down to Florida for some R & R.

Anyway, today I found myself surrounded by a flock of pink flamingos. I pulled out my iPhone and snapped this photo. It’s not doctored in any way, BTW. This is straight off my phone.

I’m not a particularly good photographer, and as a camera, the iPhone is not much of a camera, but given perfect lighting, and a good angle, as you can see, it can capture fantastic images. iPhone video is not nearly as good, but it’s not bad either. Certainly comparable to my Flip Video camera (the original, SD only – not the new ones that shoot HD.)

I’d like to take credit for a good picture, but it was an accident. I was sure I was about to be eaten alive in a frenzy of pink and black snapping beaks, so I just wanted a record of my last moments on earth. Turns out they just wanted to say hello and “please feed me.”

So what’s the point? Often, it’s not about the technology. Sometimes it’s about knowing what you’re doing no matter what technology you have to work with. Or in my case, sometimes, despite your ineptitude and the availability of non-pro technology, you can still produce something nice, even if you didn’t intend to.

So… I guess… there really is no point.

Ooh! Look at the pretty birds!

8 thoughts on “The iPhone 3GS as a Camera”

  1. lol…. ooh, pretty!

    Go somewhere where they have a Budgie walk-through cage… those things swarm and attack your feet.

    Ok, they just lick your feet to get all the salt off. I should mention I was wearing sandles and it was a hot country (Malaysia) before anyone starts thinking kinky Budgie thoughts.

    I’ll grab me coat now……

  2. Thanks Andrew i love you’re tuts from video copilot. Im jokeing i know your aharon. I have a iphone 3gs to they take great pictues

  3. hope you had a good holiday Aharon photo looks great you would make a good wildlife photograper no way would i have got that close to them lol

  4. Once I had taken a photo of Blue Sky with my Sony Ericsson Phone camera..and it ended up as my wallpaper on my PC… People who saw that photo never believed that I actually took that photo… They thought it was some wall paper downloaded from Internet

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