Free After Effects Project File: Microscope

Click the image to download the After Effects project file.

Years ago (2006), I had planned to do a tutorial on creating a microscope look with After Effect. I put together a project file, but then got pretty busy with work. When I was finally ready to do it, Andrew Kramer had already done a fantastic tutorial on the subject,  so I moved on to other stuff.

But I’m cleaning out my project file garage to make room for a bunch of fancy new files I won’t get around to using, so here’s the original Microscope Look project file.

No 3rd party plug-ins are used, although I’m sure it could be enhanced dramatically with Trapcode Particular.

You can take the project apart, figure it out, and then use the techniques to create cool stuff like this:

Click the above image to see an example video.

Hope it helps you in your work.

7 thoughts on “Free After Effects Project File: Microscope”

  1. Thanks, I’m gonna use something similar for a varsity project we’re doing on illness.

    Thanks. Rick
    South Africa

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