Free After Effects Project File – Page Rip

Click the image to download the After Effects project file.

A long time ago, I wanted to do a tutorial on creating a page rip effect. People were emailing me about it, and while I managed to get the project file together, I never got around to the tutorial itself. Not sure when I will. But in the mean time, here’s the project file so you can use it in your own work. Just add your own text in, and you’re ready to go.

It even has motion blur if you want it.

You can get the project file here.

Hope it helps you.

14 thoughts on “Free After Effects Project File – Page Rip”

  1. I have managed to improve on this a little by adding a little bit of bevel and emboss. with some keyframing the tearing in the paper is showing a little bit before the paper is actually torn, adding to the realism.

  2. Aharon… You are truly a legend!

    You give so much… I’m very grateful… You’re like a mentor to many people… Please keep up the great work!

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